Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no online payment at Checkout?

Providing an online payment at the end of the checkout process would offer a complete shopping experience in one go. However, we did not put that due to these reasons:

  • In India, many fake e-commerce websites are popping up, which receive payment and then do not answer the customers. Even we at Benaka Malnad Stores had been the victim of such websites! To strengthen the trust between customers and ourselves, currently, we keep payment to be offline
  • Having an online payment system costs per transaction and yearly. We do not want to transfer the burden of the costs to you.

Do you support Cash on Delivery?

While Cash on Delivery (CoD) is a very flexible mode of payment for you, it is tough for us to set up as a small business. For example, IndiaPost requires us to set an account up with them and adds an extra charge to CoD payments. Thus, to keep the processes simple and reduce your burden, we do not support CoD currently.

Shipping charge calculated on the website is too much. Is there any problem with the calculation?

We strive to make the shipping charge calculation perfect. If you see an unreasonable price, feel free to contact us - we will rectify the issue.

Do you accept payments over Credit Card or Debit Card?

Having a mode to receive payments over Credit Card and Debit Card incurs a transaction fee. We already sell products at a lower profit margin, so we can not afford to bear the transaction fee or transfer it over to you. Thus, we do not accept Credit Card or Debit Card. We only accept payment through UPI, Wallets, and Bank Transfer.

Do you accept payments through Fund Transfer?

Yes. Once you place the order, we will get back to you via Phone or WhatsApp. There, we share the account details with you.

I want to modify the order that I placed. How do I do that?

Please feel free to contact us through WhatsApp or Phone to any modifications to your order. We will share the updated bill with you afterward.

Why are you less active on Social Media?

Although Social Media is a great platform to share our products and keep engaged with our customers, it is also time-consuming and distracting. To keep our focus on delivering you quality products, we focus less on Social Media, using it only for major product announcements. We believe in you to share our brand once you experience our service and the quality of our products.

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