Privacy Policy

Last updated: 13th May 2022

At Benaka Malnad Stores, we take your privacy seriously. The following sections will provide you with a clear picture of the data we collect, why we collect it, and how we process it.

Data We Collect

We collect your phone number, email address, name, and postal address, as a part of the checkout process.

Before checkout

Once you fill in your address as a part of the checkout process, we store this information in our data store, even if you have not checked out. We may use this information to contact you to understand why you didn't checkout.

After checkout

Once you check out an order, we update the existing information about your order (See "Before checkout") with any new items you have added to your cart.

Data we share with others

Your address (including phone number and name) will be shared with the Shipping Provider (currently, we partner with DTDC Courier and IndiaPost, see more in Shipping Policy) to help them deliver the parcel to your address. We also store your contact in Google Contacts to make it easier to connect with you.

We also contact you over the phone and through WhatsApp regarding payment information and order updates. Please refer to their respective privacy policies to understand how they handle your data.

When you pay us via UPI/Bank Transfer/Wallet Transfer, the transaction data is collected by respective providers. Please refer to their privacy policies to understand how they handle your data.

Apart from that, we share your data with no one else unless required by the law.

Data Residency

Our data servers are located in the Mumbai region (AWS ap-south-1). Thus, your data is stored within India.

Our backend is also hosted at Mumbai region, and none of your Personally Identifiable Information is logged there.

Data Security

The communication between you and the Benaka Malnad Stores website is protected by HTTPS (TLS 1.3). No information you share with us can be intercepted and modified while in transit. However, any agent at your end (such as a VPN app) can still intercept the data.

The same mechanism protects the communication between our backend and the datastore, which is not accessible by anyone other than us.

Data Deletion

If you prefer to delete your data for some reason, you can directly contact us through email or WhatsApp. Before deletion, we provide you with a copy of the data in the HTML format. We only delete your contact details and keep the order details (excluding your contact details) for internal purposes.

Cookies and Trackers

We do not use any cookies and trackers on our website. Your data (your address entered at the checkout and items added to the cart) will stay in your device storage, managed by the browser.

Updates to the Policy

In case of any significant update to the privacy policy, we notify you via your email address.


If you have any doubts about our privacy policy, you can directly contact us through phone, WhatsApp, or email.


  • 13th May 2022: Backend is now hosted within India (Mumbai, AWS ap-south-1), ensuring data residency within India.
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