Arappu Powder | Krishna Siris Powder | Chigare Powder - 250g

Arappu Powder | Krishna Siris Powder | Chigare Powder

Discover the natural goodness of Arappu Powder, also known as Krishna Siris Powder or Chigare Powder, a hair care product that has been used for centuries in India. This fine powder is derived from the leaves of the Arappu tree and is known for its natural conditioning properties that leave your hair soft, shiny, and manageable.

Arappu Powder is traditionally used as a conditioner in conjunction with Soapnut powder to cleanse and condition the hair naturally. It is mixed with coconut oil before applying to the hair and massaging into the scalp. This natural hair care routine not only cleanses the hair but also nourishes and strengthens it from root to tip, promoting healthy hair growth and reducing hair fall.

Unlike synthetic hair care products, Arappu Powder is gentle on the hair and scalp and does not strip away the natural oils that keep your hair healthy and moisturized. It is free from harmful chemicals and additives, making it safe for regular use for people of all ages.

Try Arappu Powder now and experience the natural conditioning benefits it has to offer. Incorporate it into your hair care routine for soft, shiny, and healthy hair.

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