Joni Bella | Liquid Jaggery | Kakambi

₹ 140.00

Joni Bella is a liquid jaggery made from the red sugarcane, also known as Kempu Kabbu in Kannada. This jaggery is prepared in a traditional way without the use of chemicals, ensuring that no bleaching or other processing methods that may introduce harmful chemicals are employed.

Joni Bella is a healthy and flavorful alternative to sugar, and is often used in a variety of dishes and sweets. It can even be added to coffee or tea to provide a unique and distinct sweetness.

One popular way to enjoy Joni Bella is as a side dish with breakfast items such as "Neer dosa", a popular South Indian dish. The rich and deep flavor of Joni Bella perfectly complements the light and flowy texture of Neer dosa, making it a perfect addition to any breakfast table.