White Cardamom

₹ 200.00

White Cardamom is a premium quality spice that is highly prized in Indian cuisine. The spice is made by sun-drying fully ripe cardamom pods until they turn white. The drying process naturally bleaches the pods, giving them a distinctive appearance from Green Cardamoms, which are shade-dried.

The spice is made up of rich black seeds that are carefully extracted from the dried pods. These seeds are what give white cardamom its unique taste and aroma. When used in cooking, white cardamom seeds add a subtle sweetness and warmth to dishes, making them a popular ingredient in both sweet and savoury recipes.

White cardamom is a prized ingredient in Indian desserts like kheer and ras malai, where it adds a delicate fragrance and flavour. It is also commonly used in curries, rice dishes, and chai tea. Some people even use white cardamom in baking, where it can add a warm, spicy note to cakes, breads, and cookies.